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Why Use “DONGJIN Level Rod”?

After depositing concrete, if a serious deviation occurs on the bottom, the high point should be shaved and the low point should be added with more concrete. This increases the cost of construction.
By using the Level Rod, workers can check a datum point and a slab level which leads to an accurate estimation in ordering concrete (ready-mixed concrete is not wasted). Reduction of Raw Materials Cost.

In addition, Reduction of Labor Cost, as the second round of chipping work is no longer necessary which caused by inaccurate leveling.

Dongjin Level Rod will also enhance Construction Quality, as it helps boost accuracy.

Company Profile

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  • Company NameDONGJIN LEVEL CO.,LTD.
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established 1999
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets-
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
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